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Watch me and Heather Wacha discuss the Library of Stains project, and how multispectral imaging can be used to study stains in medieval manuscripts. (25 April 2018, Wednesday Nite @ the Lab, UW-Madison)

Library of Stains

Now live!

Co-editor (with Heather Wacha), Digital Mappa Library of Stains Data Visualization Project, hosted by UW-Madison. Launched 1 November 2018.

Public lecture (with Heather Wacha), April 2018: “A Library of Stains: Using Multispectral Imaging to Analyze Stains in Medieval Manuscripts,” Wisconsin Alumni Association and Wisconsin Public Television series: Wednesday Nite @ the Lab.

The Library of Stains Project conducted multispectral imaging and spectral curve analysis of medieval and early modern manuscripts across five U.S. institutions, supported by a Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Postdoctoral Fellowship microgrant, made possible by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Primary investigators: Alberto Campagnolo, Erin Connelly, and Heather Wacha.

Digital Grave 

Editor and translator, “The Grave,” Digital Mappa edition hosted by the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. Scheduled for release in March 2019.

“The Grave” is a late Old English/early Middle English poem, which survives in the twelfth-century manuscript Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 343. This edition pioneers digital “polyglossing” of word forms with respect to linguistic transition, which both looks back toward Old English and looks forward toward Middle English, as a resource for teaching History of the English Language.

In the slideshow: A sneak preview of some features of the Digital Grave!