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This page features selected teaching documents and classroom activities, updated periodically.
A comprehensive list of my teaching experience is available in my CV.


Courses I am Prepared to Teach

Medieval & Early Modern Literature Courses

Single-author courses including Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Milton

The Global Middle Ages and Global Medievalism

History of the English Language

Medieval and Renaissance Drama

Medieval Saints’ Cults

Old English (language)

Old English Literature: Beowulf and Beyond (description)

Race in the Middle Ages (description)

Survey of British Literature through as late as 1850

The Bible as Literature in the European Middle Ages

Disability Studies Courses

Disability and Drama: From Page to Stage

Disability and Religion (description)

Disability in Medieval and Early Modern England (focused on literature, c. 700-1700)

Intro to Critical Disability Studies

Medieval Disability Studies (sample syllabus)

Introductory Literature & Writing Courses

Camelot: Medieval Literature and Modern Fantasy (sample syllabus)

First-Year Composition

Origin Stories: A Survey of Global Literature

Writing the Body in Fiction and Non-Fiction (sample syllabus)

Digital Humanities Courses

Digital Methods for Premodern Studies (description)

Introduction to the Digital Humanities

Essays on Pedagogy

UW-Madison Writing Center Blog

“Medieval Monks Wrote in Their Books and So Can You,” Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 12 November 2018.

“Writing with Evidence in the Age of Alternative Facts,” Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 11 September 2017.

“The Impact of Writing Center Outreach: Empirical and Anecdotal Evidence,” Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 7 November 2016.

How We [Actually] Write: Neurodiversity, Writing Process, and Writing Instruction,” Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, 25 January 2016.

UW-Madison Letters & Science New TA Training, 30 August 2018

Crafting a more Inclusive Classroom from Day One

This workshop is designed to help new TAs in the College of Letters & Science develop strategies for making their classroom more inclusive and welcoming to students with a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives. We will begin by sharing questions about diversity and inclusion at UW-Madison and brainstorming individual goals for our classroom environments in the coming semester. Then we will talk through some strategies for preparing for the first day of class, including models for what they can say about diversity and inclusion on the syllabus (or section syllabus) and suggestions for adapting common first-day activities to signal that your class welcomes diversity. Finally, we will discuss how TAs in different fields can continue to promote inclusive classroom spaces throughout the semester.

This handout contains an abbreviated list of resources and strategies for creating a more inclusive classroom.